‘My date wrapped up things he’d already used and gave them to me for Christmas’

The season of gift-giving is nearly upon us, which means it’s time to start trawling the internet to find presents your nearest and dearest will love.

But if you’re curious about what not to buy, this Reddit thread should give you a good idea.

One user posed the question: “What’s the worst Christmas present you have received?” and was inundated with comments from people sharing the odd gifts they’d be given.

While one person recalled being given a pencil, another revealed they were given “a barrel of Quaker Oats” and someone else admitted they got ‘toothpaste and vitamin pills’ from their mum.

But one woman was able to top them all, as she said someone she was dating had gifted her things he’d already used.

She began her story: “I was dating a guy for a few months when Christmas rolled around.

“He had recently started a new job that required travel so I splurged a bit and got him a Garmin to help him find his way.

“Thoughtful, useful, but not too sentimental; it felt perfect for where the relationship was at the time.”

But because of their clashing schedules, they weren’t able to exchange gifts until after Christmas.

When she went to meet him, she realised she forget his present, however, he handed her two wrapped gifts.

As the woman unwrapped the first package, she saw it was an MMA magazine that had “clearly been read.”

She continued: “I was… confused. I do not like MMA. Not even a little bit. Nor have I ever expressed interest in MMA.

“Not once. He, on the other hand, loved all things MMA.”

She continued: “Trying to move on, I politely thanked him, set the magazine down, and refocused on the next gift,” – an opened Forest Gump DVD.

She admitted: “Now don’t get me wrong, Forrest Gump is a solid choice. Except, I already owned a Forrest Gump DVD.

“And now here I was suddenly the proud owner of a second copy that appeared used.”

After thanking him again, she sat there trying to wrap her head around the odd gifts.

She said the conversation fell silent before he “sheepishly volunteered, ‘I, uh, got bored so I watched the movie yesterday.’

‘And then I, uh, hadn’t seen that issue yet… so I went ahead and read through it. I think you’ll really like it!'”

After receiving the disappointing presents, the woman said she returned the Garmin for a full refund.

A week later, the guy called to say cut things off, saying he didn’t think it was working out which the woman agreed with.

She concluded: “We were wrapping up the call, expressing well wishes and all that.

“Then he paused for a beat and said, ‘Hey, uh, were you still going to give me that Christmas present?'”