Mum baffled as parent blasts her son for telling friend the ‘truth’ about Santa

A mum was left “stunned” when a fellow parent accused her son of ‘spoiling the magic of Christmas’ after he allegedly told another child Santa isn’t real.

In an anonymous post on parenting forum Mumsnet, the woman explained that she’d received an angry text from a fellow parent in her nine-year-old son’s class after their kids had been talking about Father Christmas.

She said: “Our kids are 9 and at school, they have had a discussion amongst a few of them about whether Santa is real.

“I’ve had a very shirty message from a parent, which appears to single out my child having spilled the beans and subsequently spoilt the ‘magic of Christmas’ for their child, who has also told their younger siblings who’ve been crying over it.

“The parents have had to spend a lot of time reassuring the kids that Santa IS in fact real, and have requested that I ask my child not to discuss it further in school.”

She explained that her child had first found out about Santa from their older sibling, and “wasn’t too bothered by it”, but he was “absolutely gutted” to know that he’d cause other people to be upset.

She concluded her post by asking users how she should respond, if at all, as she said: “I don’t want to fall out with them, but I’m stunned they’ve approached me with this, [to be honest].”

People were divided in the comments, as some said she should apologise while others rushed to defend her, assuring her that it was normal for children their age to discuss Santa and that the other parent was going ‘over the top’.

One person said: “Your kid was told not to say anything but is upset that they have caused upset. Adults aren’t perfect so children certainly aren’t so that should be the end of it.”

Another wrote: “I’d send a laughing emoji. They must be joking. Nine-year-olds are hardly unable to spot the disconnect.”

A third commented: “I don’t think it’s your fault their kid told the younger siblings. I would assume at 9 most of them know. I think your kid was also reasonable to assume their mates knew. This parent sounds a bit OTT to be texting you. I would understand if it was reception class but it isn’t.”

But others thought that she should apologise.

“To be honest I’d just say I’m sorry this has happened. I’ve had a word with him about not doing this again,” one said.

And another said: “I personally would apologise on my child’s behalf, Santa is such a sensitive area with parents trying to keep the magic going when there are younger siblings, unfortunately, your child was the bearer of such news.”